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How will artificial intelligence change the future?

How will artificial intelligence change the future?

Upcoming world!

upcoming world!
Can you imagine, what kind of changes will come in the next 20 years. Technologically, the world will be much smarter and more automatic by 2050.
Back in 1995, we were in the early days of the internet and use basic computers. There was no touch screen phone or flat tvs. People laugh at these kind of ideas. But all the predictions about the future technology was true. 

During upcoming 20 years, new technologies like Artificial Intelligence take place of human activities. Everything will be fully automatic. This leave human free to think, create and act. In future, Artificial Intelligence reduces approx 40% of human work. By 2050, Artificial Intelligence will be everywhere. Artificial Intelligence driven stores will allow you to purchase goods without cashiers or waiting lines. Artificial Intelligence will diagnose and treat patients, manage transportation and analyze massive quantities of data. 

Artificial intelligence 
▪︎ Artificial intelligence chat bots and voice recognition system behave like real people. Bots replace humans everywhere such as factory workers, teachers, cook and more. It also remove all the communication barriers. 

▪︎ The hundreds of sensors installed in our clothes, homes and overall environment to monitor our well - being and improve our lives. 

▪︎ Computing power will change by 2050. We may run on quantum computers bassed on the properties of quantum physics. 

▪︎ Computers will integrate into humans brain. As we know
Elon musk's neural link will treat neurogical disorders. This helps in controlling things with our mind and communicating through signals. 

▪︎ Construction is the most typical sector for artificial intelligence. By 2050, robots will work in teams to build complex structures by using new elements. The result will be humans- free construction work. 

▪︎ By 2050, medical issues will solve by artificial intelligence. AI helps the doctors to monitor data from each person. AI algorithms will enable doctors and hospitals to better analyze data and customize their health care to the genes, environment and lifestyle of each patient. From diagnosing brain tumors to deciding which cancer treatment will work best for an individual, AI will drive the personalized medicine revolution.

▪︎ Cyber crimes will be reduce with the help of artificial intelligence. Humans and artificial intelligence do battle together against cyber crime.

▪︎ Transportation work made more easy by using artificial intelligence. Self driving cars impact the near the future like Elon musk's Tesla made self driving cars. Autonomous cars are already here. As you know about the driverless trains are already rule the rails. 

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