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What is a Growth mindset and how to develop it?

What is Growth Mindset and how to develop it? 

Growth Mindset 

Everyone wants to become successful in life and target to achieve all the goals. I have seen many people who achieved their goals but some people who doesn't succeed in life because of their fixed mindset. They always think both negative and positive things and assume that they were born with some qualities. Because of fixed mindset people think these kinds of things so they can't grow their mindset. 

A Growth Mindset means that our basic abilities can be improved by doing some hard work and dedication. With a growth mindset, we can achieve long-term term goals and make our life better. It is depends on our abilities to do something. 

let me explain it in deep.

I have also seen these kind of people who always do same things in life they don't want to try something new so they can't be more productive. They always see their limitations. 

Start learning a new thing is the awesome way to increase the productivity. It add something new to our knowledge and sometimes when we start doing a new thing it becomes our habit. 

Quote by E.E Cummings

▪︎ Ways to develop a fixed mindset into growth mindset.

1. Find your goal 

Find a goal is the first way to develop a mindset. We need to find a purpose or a goal that we want to achieve.

2. Take challenges 

Taking challenges means finding  opportunities for self development.  When we start taking steps to achieve something it is necessary that we will have to face some obstacles and also take some challenges. People always scared to take challenges but i believe that it  is vital in every path of success. We can learn more and more from these challenges. 

3. Change your attitude 

We also need to alter our attitude. Be positive all the time. Sometimes it is difficult but it is the best way to grow mindset. So believe in what you do. This universe is like magic if you give something it will give you 10 times more. 

4. Celebrate your growth  

Always celebrate your growth. Appreciate your in every step.

5. Emphasis growth over speed 

It is most important that you emphasize on your growth. Learning fast is not some as learning well. So take time to do some mistakes so that you can learn better. 

There are some ways to develop a fixed mindset. It is so helpful for everyone who wants to succeed. 

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