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Is it good to be silent person?

Advantages of being silent 

Do you know the significant role of silence in our life?
If we want to live and life we have to know about these advantages. Silence makes life easier and happier as you want. If you feel stressful, having depression,  anxiety, anger etc. being silent is the only siloution to get rid of these unnesserry dramas. 

☆ You look more powerful 

You can appear more powerful when you are talking. It will mean more and carry more weight. People will often find you unpredictable and hard to read. 

☆ You will learn to read people 

If you are often silent, you will be listening and observing people. You can see true intentions of people and find out the liars. You also have opportunity to read the body language of someone. You can start notice trends and start reading people bassed on your observations. It is the most powerful skill that you can learn by being silent. 
You can use the information which you get from reading someone to make people comfortable depending on your intentions. 

☆ Calming and resting your mind 

The another advantage of silence is it's helpful to calm and relax your mind. That is the reason that meditation exists. Meditation use form of silence to reorganize our thoughts and sort them out to be less chaotic. When you are in silence you don't need to look for new topics to talk about and you have more space in your mind to calm yourself. 
If you want to utilize silence to learn more to meditate your own first sit in your quiet room after that enhale and exhale in repeated motion. Try to relax your body and mind and feel silence. It gives you more calmness and relax your mind. 

☆ Improve ability to observe 

Silence also Improve the ability to observe things. When your mind and body feels relax it increases ability to observe. 
Let assume a room where everybody is talking. 
Do you think they notice the surroundings?
The answer is no. There can be few people who is observing the surroundings. But in case of silent people,  they always talk and notice surroundings and try to focus. This makes this advantage very important. Because the observation is most important in giving a judgment. 

☆ Boost your creativity 

It's helps to boost creativity when someone is in silent mode. It helps the brain to have a single focus and a better attention so that you can make more brainstorming ideas for your project. It helps to focus and helps in not being easily distracted. The creative ideas is more better during silent time.

☆ Excercise your patience 

Silence also increase patients. It teaches to all of us how can silence correlate patients. We often need silence to avoid the unnecessary things. When we talk a lot it takes a lot of energy. It is the indirect exercise to increase your patience so you can deal with an argument. You can end any argument very peacefully.

These are some advantages to being silent. Add silence in your life it will be very helpful. 

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