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Demand of Artificial Intelligence in future

Demand of Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is most tranding technology. Everybody search for it and willing to know how it actually works. 

Artificial Intelligence means built computers systems that are able to perform tasks with human intelligence. Such as translation between two languages, visual perception, decision making and speech recognition. 
Let me explain it in simple words, In Artificial Intelligence we made some computer systems to work and behave like humans. 

Demand of Artificial Intelligence:-

1. More computational power

Now we have more computational power that's why Artificial Intelligence is growing faster. A lot of computing process that's leads to demand of Artificial Intelligence faster.

2. Broad investment 

Broad investment is also a reason behind the increasing demand of Artificial Intelligence. There are many companies that invest in Artificial Intelligence. Such as Facebook, Google and many more. 

3. Big data

We have a lot of data from social media and another networks. In today's world, people who have data. He/she can be use it to make money and more. Data is a currency. It have power to change the world. It also a reason behind the increasing demand of Artificial Intelligence in today's world.

4. Better algorithms

Now, we have better algorithms and also use neural networks. AI works in better algorithms and neural networks that's why it is also a reason behind demand of Artificial Intelligence. 

☆ Artificial Intelligence Applications 

1. Google 

Google is based on Artificial Intelligence. When we search in Google search engine it find out all the possible results. It is bassed on weak Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. 

2. Facebook

Facebook use face recognition that is also bassed on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 

3. Netflix 

Netflix shows personalized movie recommendations. It recommend movies to every viewer according to their taste and preferences. It also based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 

4. Twitter 

By Artificial Intelligence, In Twitter all terroristic languages and offensive languages identified. Machine learning is also used. 

5. Self driving cars 

Self driving cars also have concept of weak AI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) and machine learning.

6. Spam filters 

As you know, In our mail account all the spam mails are available separately and all the non spam mails are shown in another. There is use of Artificial Intelligence to find out spam mails in your mail account. 

☆ Types of Artificial Intelligence 

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence 

Artificial Narrow Intelligence is also known as weak Artificial Intelligence. In weak AI, there is basics of Artificial Intelligence which is used by many. Such as Google search engine, Alexa and self driving cars also. 

2. Artificial General Intelligence 

It is also known as Strong Artificial Intelligence. In this type, all the strong are perform. This is also use by many. Such as Alphago. 

It is based on human behavior. It have ability to learn with Intelligence to solve any calculations. 

3. Artificial Super Intelligence 

In Artificial Super Intelligence, most hard task are perform . Research says at the end of 2040 we will be use the super AI. By Super AI, we will be able to perform human activities and tasks by computer systems. As you can see in any sicence fiction movie robots do tasks which is bassed on human intelligence, behavior. 
In addition to, these are better at everything which can we do such as sports, maths, science, emotional relationships, art and others. 

we have bright future in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

☆ Programming languages for Artificial Intelligence 

1. Python 

Python is most popular Programming language. It is a high level programming language and easy to understand. Developers always recommend python for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

2. R

R is another Programming language which can be use in Artificial Intelligence. It is a statistical programming language. 

3. Java 

Java is also highly recommended language. Many people love Java. It is most popular language between developers. You can also prefer Java for artificial Intelligence.

4. Lisp 

Lips can be use in Artificial Intelligence. It creates dynamic objects and have prototyping capabilities. 

5. Prolog 

It is used in pattern matching and freebase data structuring. You can also prefer prolog for Artificial Intelligence. 

6. Javascript 

Javascript is a scripting language. It provides logic to programs. Javascript is also used in Artificial Intelligence. 

7. C++

C++ is also one of most popular languages. It can be also used in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

▪︎  There are 7 Programming languages that can help in Artificial Intelligence. In these languages I recommend to all python because it is very easy to understand and it also have predefined algorithms. 

☆ Difference between Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence 

☆ There are difference between Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is used in Artificial Intelligence so Artificial Intelligence is wider than Machine learning. Basically it is a part of Artificial Intelligence. 

☆ Artificial Intelligence have two subsets such as machine learning and deep learning whereas machine learning have a subset that is deep learning.

☆ Artificial Intelligence have wide scope whereas machine learning have limited scope. 

☆ AI helps in making systems to perform task as humans whereas machine learning helps in teaching machine to deal with data. 

I hope I explain Artificial Intelligence in simplest way. 

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