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The power of silence

The Power of silence

In today's world everybody wants silence in life. People started finding the way to be silent and relax their mind. The unnesserry sound and thoughts in our mind became obstacles in life. 

In your free time, you turn on t.v, scroll social media or listen to podcasts? If yes, you don't know the significant role of silence in our life. You need to know that when we take a break from the noise our mind experience clarity. You need to give a chance to yourself so that your brain can be relax and enhance the clarity. 

There are many people in the world who works in silence because they know the significant role of silence in our life. These kind of people always focus on one thing at a time and self aware also.

If you think, you can feel silence when you're lonely then think again?
You can feel silence everywhere you go. Being silent means your mind is in relax mode and you can hand any situation peacefully. Your silence is shown in your nature.

5 benefits to be silent

1. Mentally relax:- Silence plays a significant role in our life. It reduce stress, depression, anger, anxiety. It have the power to control on feelings and emotions. It  boost happiness, healthy lifestyle such as diet and exercises and also enhance clarity to proper functioning of mind. It reduce stress and anxiety. 

2. It enhance conversations:- It's also essential in conversations. As you know the a silent person is best listener because these kind of people always observe the situation and response wisely. When they talk the other person carefully. 

3. Enhance decision making power:- Silence enhance the decision making power and improved mental cliarity. It helps to take fast and right decision. When our mind is in relax mode. It restore and regenerate that impoves the decision making power. 

4. Healthy relationships:- silence can be help in cardial relationships with some people. Silent people have healthy relationships with people who is more close to them. 

5.Great Leadership qualities:-  these kind of people can be great leaders because they have an amazing decision making powers and they always attract people when they talk. These kind of people can be democratic leaders. They always take a decision after consulting with their subordinates.

Ways to enjoy silence

☆ Mediate every day for 20 minutes. It helps to relax your mind or whole body and enhance proper functioning. Yoga is also helpful to relax mind and to be silent. 

☆  When you free turn off your t.v and don't scroll social media for few minutes. It gives you more relaxation. If do this regularly you see the better results and after some days you'll really enjoy that.

                         .            .           .          .

There are  benifits of silence in life. I hope I explain this topic well and you implement these things in your life.  

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