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5 tranding programming languages

5 tranding Programming languages for beginners 

Programming languages are most vital to learn in today's world. Today, computers have entered in every industry and it becomes part of our life. Computers are extremely useful for organizations. In today's world, we don't use pen and paper to record data, we have Computers to store any data or transactions. 

The Programming languages are emerging in faster rate. Various new Programming languages are coming that is used by the developers.
Every beginner is perplexed with a question-

What Programming languages should i learn?

First of all, we need to find out the purpose.

Why i want to learn Programming languages?

then, we need to know which types of Programming languages i should learn according to purpose.
For example, if he/she wants to build career in machine learning and data science etc. then he/she should prefer languages like python. 

Let us see the types of Programming languages:-

Types of Programming languages 

Basically, the Programming languages have four main types -

1. Procedunal Programming languages 

2. Functional Programming languages 

3. Object - oriented Programming languages 

4. Scripting Programming languages 

Procedunal Programming languages :- 
Execute the statement from top to bottom. 

Functional Programming languages:-
Functions are used to store data and give output.

Object-oriented Programming languages:-
It is a computer programming model that organizes software design and data or objects.

Scripting Programming languages:- 
These are not full-fledged languages. It consists small elements of Programming.

Let us see what Programming languages we should learn:-

1. Python 

Python is the first most tranding Programming language. It fast growing language. If you are a beginner i would suggest you python and it is easy to learn.
Python was created in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. 

Python can be use in machine learning, data science, web and desktop applications and network servers. It is most popular in data science. 

Python has been extensively used by leading tech cooperations of the world such as Google, Facebook,  Dropbox, IBM. Therefore, python is most popular language. 

2. Javascript

Javascript is a scripting language. It is one of three main languages that enables the working of web pages. The other two are HTML and CSS. Therefore it is highly recommended to learn. 

It is used to create responsive elements on web pages. It offers not only devlop and design web pages but also make the website more dynamic and add some functionalities to the elements. 

It is used almost every website you have seen in the internet.

Javascript is also can be used to create mobile  apps. 

Websites that you regularly using using such as Google, YouTube etc. were created by Javascript.

3. Java 

Java is another a popular Programming language. It is always in demand. It is used by the large organizations.
 It is also used in Android development. As it's high performance and strong memory allocation companies like Amazon, Twitter and more are under the list of the users of this Programming language. 

4. C++

C++ is one of most popular languages of the the world. It is used to create high performance applications. It is developed by Bjarne Strousturb,  as an extension of see language. C++ gives high control over system memory and resources. 

C++ can be found in today's operating system, graphical user interface and embedded systems.
It is object oriented Programming language. 

5. Go

It is a new Programming language and have limited usage. It is developed by Google that is widely growing. 
It is created especially for systems and infrastructure programs. 


These are the 5 most tranding Programming languages. I hope you understand the advantages of these languages. Now you can choose which one best for you according to your purpose. 

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